1. What President Appears on The Dime?

A. Thomas Jefferson
B. Calvin Coolidge
C. Franklin Roosevelt
D. Abraham Lincoln

2. What US Presidents Appear On Both A Bill & A Coin?

A. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Rosevelt
B. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson
C.Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton
D.Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Andrew Jackson

3. What Does The “S” In Harry S. Truman’s Name Stand For:

D.It Doesn’t Stand For Anything

4. What Are The Names Of All Of President George Herbert Walker Bush’s Kids?

A. George, Pauline Robin, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Dorothy
B. George & Jeb
C.George, Jeb, Dorothy & Jenna
D.George,Jeb, Barbara, Jenna

5. Who Was The First President To Die In Office?

A.Abraham Lincoln
B.William Henry Harrison
C.John F Kennedy
D.Thomas Jefferson

6. Which US President Was A Ham Radio Operator?

A.Herbert Hoover
B.Ronald Regan
C.Lyndon B Johnson
D.None We’re Ham Operators 

========================BONUS QUESTION===========================

7. What US President Had A Pet Mockingbird Named “Dick”?

A. Richard Nixon
B.Thomas Jefferson
C.Martin Van Buren
D.Calvin Coolidge
Answer Key  (C,B,D,A,B,D,B)


1. Where should a lightning arrester be installed in a coaxial feed line?

A. At the output connector of a transceiver
B. At the antenna feed point
C. At the ac power service panel
D. On a grounded panel near where feed lines enter the building

2. Where should a fuse or circuit breaker be installed in a 120V AC power circuit?

A. In series with the hot conductor only
B. In series with the hot and neutral conductors
C. In parallel with the hot conductor only
D. In parallel with the hot and neutral conductors

3. What should be done to all external ground rods or earth connections?

A. Waterproof them with silicone caulk or electrical tape
B. Keep them as far apart as possible
C. Bond them together with heavy wire or conductive strap
D. Tune them for resonance on the lowest frequency of operation

4. What hazard is caused by charging or discharging a battery too quickly?

A. Overheating or out-gassing
B. Excess output ripple
C. Half-wave rectification
D. Inverse memory effect

5. What hazard exists in a power supply immediately after turning it off?

A. Circulating currents in the dc filter
B. Leakage flux in the power transformer
C. Voltage transients from kickback diodes
D. Charge stored in filter capacitors

========================BONUS QUESTION===========================

6. Which of the following precautions should be taken when measuring high voltages with a voltmeter?

A. Ensure that the voltmeter has very low impedance
B. Ensure that the voltmeter and leads are rated for use at the voltages to be measured
C. Ensure that the circuit is grounded through the voltmeter
D. Ensure that the voltmeter is set to the correct frequency


1. Which of the following is a safety hazard of a 12-volt storage battery?

A. Touching both terminals with the hands can cause electrical shock
B. Shorting the terminals can cause burns, fire, or an explosion
C. RF emissions from a nearby transmitter can cause the electrolyte to emit poison gas
D. All these choices are correct

2. What health hazard is presented by electrical current flowing through the body?

A. It may cause injury by heating tissue
B. It may disrupt the electrical functions of cells
C. It may cause involuntary muscle contractions
D. All these choices are correct

3. In the United States, what circuit does black wire insulation indicate in a three-wire 120 V cable?

A. Neutral
B. Hot
C. Equipment ground
D. Black insulation is never used

4. What is the purpose of a fuse in an electrical circuit?

A. To prevent power supply ripple from damaging a component
B. To remove power in case of overload
C. To limit current to prevent shocks
D. All these choices are correct

5. Why should a 5-ampere fuse never be replaced with a 20-ampere fuse?

A. The larger fuse would be likely to blow because it is rated for higher current
B. The power supply ripple would greatly increase
C. Excessive current could cause a fire
D. All these choices are correct

========================BONUS QUESTION===========================


6. What is a good way to guard against electrical shock at your station?

A. Use three-wire cords and plugs for all AC powered equipment
B. Connect all AC powered station equipment to a common safety ground
C. Install mechanical interlocks in high-voltage circuits
D. All these choices are correct

Answer Key  (B,D,B,B,C,D)


The Fusion Net Fusion Net Trivia. 08/18/22

1. Who founded The Fusion net?

A- Bob Heil K9EID & Bob Bruninga WB4APR
B- Joe Walsh WB6ACU & Tim Allen KK6OTD
C- Joe Bisogno AC2AE & Jay Mirable KD2LRX = CORRECT
D- Howard Hughes W5CY & Walter Cronkite KB2GSD

2. What year did Jay KD2LRX win the Hide and Go Seek Championship?

A- 1995
B- 1985
C- 2005
D- 2015

3. What year was The Fusion Net founded?

A- 2000
B- 2010
C- 2016 
D- 2020

4. What time does The Fusion Net Start?

A- 8:25PM
B- 8:30PM
C- 9:00PM 
D- Whenever it wants to.

5. What was the highest amout of check-in’s this year?

A- 30
B- 35
C- 25
D- 40 

6. How many Countries were log on to The Fusion Net at the same time this year?

A- 1
B- 2
C- 3
D- 4

7. The Fusion Net is the Best Amateur Radio Net ever.

A- True
B- False


8. What has Dave N7MKY’s Nicknames been?

A- Monkey Man
B- Captain Cateracts
C- Your Captain
D- Captain Winky
E- Pilot Dave
F- All of the above


Presidential Trivia:

1.       Who is the oldest living President:

a.       Joe Biden

b.       Jimmy Carter

c.       George W Bush

d.       Donald J Trump

2.       Which President banned alcohol from the White House at the behest of his first lady

a.       Calvin Coolidge

b.       Rutherford B Hayes

c.       Donald J Trump

d.       Martin Van Buren

3.       Which President served two non-consecutive terms?

a.       Barack Obama

b.       Benjamin Harrison

c.       Theodore Roosevelt

d.       Grover Cleveland

4.       Which president also served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

a.       Grover Cleveland

b.       Ulysses S. Grand

c.       William Howard Taft

d.       John Quincy Adams

5.       Who were the only two father and sons to become US Presidents

a.       John Adams & Sam Adams and George HW Bush & George W Bush

b.       William Henry Harrison & Benjamin Harrison and George HW Bush & George W Bush

c.       Andrew Jackson & Theodore Jackson  and George HW Bush & George W Bush

d.       John Adams & John Quincy Adams and George HW Bush & George W Bush

6.       Which President got stuck in the bathtub

a.       Bill Clinton

b.       Joe Biden

c.       William Howard Taft

d.       George W Bush

7.       The term “O.K.” is derived from which president’s knickname

a.       James Knox Polk

b.       John Tyler

c.       Thomas Jefferson

d.       Martin Van Buren 

8.       BONUS Question: On the TV Show Seinfeld what was the gang sign of the “Van Buren Boys” who named themselves after President Martin Van Buren?

a.       A thumbs up

b.       8 Fingers up

c.       The Middle Finger

d.       9 Fingers up



1. Its possible to work Japan from Europe on 6 meters

A: True = 

B: False

2. Why is 60 GHz not normally used for anything?

A: Components for this frequency don’t exist.

B: It’s set aside for radio astronomy.

C: Propagation is difficult. 

D: There’s too much sun noise for it to be useful.

3. What does the acronym SDR mean?

A: Single Diode Rectifier

B: Software Defined Radio

C: Software Defined Receiver

D: Severely Damaged Radio

4. Operating “duplex” means

A: Your shack is in a semi-detached home

B: You are sending every word twice

C: You are sending every character twice

D: You are receiving and transmitting on different frequencies 

5. An antenna system with a return loss of 10dB has an approximate SWR of:

A: 1:1

B: 2:1 

C: 3:1

D: 5:1



1. Which of the following vegetables is not one of the ingredients of V-8 juice?

A. beet
B. carrot
C. spinach
D. cabbage *

2. What country produces the most potatoes?

A. China *
B. United States
C. Ireland
D. Russia

3. According to a 1980s Beverage Media poll of four hundred bartenders, what is the average male customers favorite drink?

A. beer *
B. bourbon
C. scotch
D. vodka

4. According to a 1980s Beverage Media poll of four hundred bartenders, what was the female customers favorite drink?

A. beer
B. margarita
C. peach schnapps and orange juice
D. white wine *

(Answer key- D,A,A,D.)


1) What amateur-invented AM mode is often heard around 14.230 MHz?
a. Fast-scan TV
b. Wide-band FM
c. Slow-scan TV
d. Working split
2) Amateurs are credited with the first documented observations of which unusual phenomenon?
a. Whistlers
b. Growlers
c. Long-delayed echoes
d. Sprites and jets
3) Who was the first ham to transmit from space via Amateur Radio?
a. Dave Garroway
b. Owen Garriott
c. Gary Owens
d. Garrett Phillips
4) What type of preamplifier, invented by hams, does not include a transistor, tube or other active amplifying device?
a. parametric
b. supercooled
c. negative-feedback
d. servo
5) Relegated to these in the early days of radio, hams found them to be prime radio real estate.
a. Very Low Frequencies
b. Sub-bands
c. Quiet zones
d. Short waves



1. In ‘Scarface,’ how does Tony Montana (Al Pacino) explain to
Mr. Sosa that the hit did not go as planned because he had just whacked Sosa’s hit man?
A ‘He refused to follow my orders, so I had to cancel his contract.’
B ‘There were two little kids in the car.’
C ‘I blew him back to Colombia.’
D ‘He talked too much, so I punched his ticket.’ 
2. What group of New York gangsters was depicted in the 1990 movie ‘State of Grace’?
A The Jewish Mafia
B The Westies 
C The Polish Mafia
D The Italian Mafia
3. The mobsters in ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ belong to what ethnic group?
A Jewish 
B Neapolitan
C Sicilian
D Lithuania
4. What was the nickname given to the Robert De Niro character in ‘Once Upon a Time in America’?
A Bugsy
B Noodles 
C Lepke
D Morty
5. Noodles’ youngest friend is shot by Bugsy in ‘Once Upon a Time in America.’
What are the last words he whispers to Noodles?
A ‘You get him for me, Noodles.’
B ‘Noodles, I slipped.’ 
C ‘I didn’t run fast enough.’
D ‘I can’t feel my legs, Noodles.’


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