Howard Rogoff KD2MSU, SK

Howard Rogoff

known to his brothers and sisters

in the amateur radio community as


has passed away on Monday, February 5th 2024.

His funeral service took place Wednesday February 7, 2024. Howard will always be known as one of the original members of The Fusion Net.

He was known as our “Resident Meteorologist”

as he brought participants of our net a weather forecast all would agree was more accurate than anything else you’d see or hear on television or radio.

He was also a member of the Kings County Radio Club (KC2RC) and was a dependable presence on both the InfoNet, and their 10 Meter Net.

Howie’s voice was distinctive and calming and you always knew when he was on the air.

He was a good friend to many members of our group and beyond, he was always someone you enjoyed talking to.

Howard also liked to spend time on the radio with his friends, listening to his scanners, playing handball and being on the beach,

he lived in Coney Island Brooklyn.

Howard Rogoff is now a silent key all though he will be greatly missed his memory will forever live on.

Here is a link to his memorial page please send a note, share a story or upload a photo there, in his memory.


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